Detail of the interior of The Library of Congress, Washington, D.C., Photograph (c) 2005 Lee Sandstead

I. Promoting first the education of artists, and secondly, the education of a larger public
through exposure to higher levels of artistic quality.

Our world has lost as much of this visual heritage, as it has gained in technological achievements. There is a very real threat that these classical traditions of the fine and decorative arts, architecture, and city planning will be lost. We can reverse this decline through funding for educational programs, both in the fine arts and related fields, which are directed toward combating visual chaos and replacing the poverty of modern design with alternatives of dignity and beauty. Support from The Classical Design Foundation will be used to promote a return to traditional visual values in the fine arts and encourage its influence through solutions meant to endure and enrich the quality of life for entire communities.

II. To encourage awareness of and provide support for the preservation and
practice of classical visual design.

The Classical Design Foundation's intention is to understand the original animating spirit behind visual traditions and adapt these ideals to contemporary solutions. Our goals include:

- Preserving existing examples of good classical design
- Combating the deterioration of communities
- Working with artisans and craftsmen involved in related     traditions
- Encourage traditional decoration of public spaces with    elements such as frescos and wall murals, gardens, etc.

Before and after of a small courtyard located in down-town Southern Pines, NC